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Pneumatic Foam Rubber Cutter & Accessories

We stock a range of Bosch air foam cuttersblades and guides which are ideal for cutting foam rubber and other similar materials. These tools are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, ensuring that you complete tasks with ease and precision.

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What are air foam rubber cutters?

Pneumatic air foam cutters are used for the precise cutting of foam rubber and other similar materials. They use air from a compressor rather than electric power, making them ideal for completing tasks where electricity is not an option. These tools are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, enabling you to complete tasks effortlessly and with great precision.

Approved Bosch Supplier

We are an Approved Distributor and Service/Repair Centre for Bosch, so you can rest assured that you will receive the excellent quality tools and aftercare service that is expected from this leading manufacturer.

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