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Makita Chain Saws


We stock a range of chainsaws from leading trade brands Makita and Festool. These electric and petrol machines are suitable for more heavy-duty garden applications, such as chopping down trees or cutting up large pieces of wood.

Festool SSU 200 EB Sword Saw 240v + Rail

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Makita Chainsaws

What is a chainsaw?

Chainsaws are portable, mechanical saws that have a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain which runs along the edge of a blade. These machines are typically used for more heavy-duty garden applications, like cutting up large pieces of wood and chopping down trees.

While they are mainly used on wood, these tools can also be used to cut a range of different materials, including pressure-resistant insulating materials like fibreboard, polystyrene and PUR.

What is the difference between a petrol and electric chainsaw?

  • Petrol-powered models are heavier and more environmentally damaging, however they are more powerful and cordless, therefore making them portable.
  • Corded electric machines are lighter and cleaner, but you are restricted by the length of the cord and the availability of electricity.
  • Cordless electric models are smaller, lightweight and cleaner; however they are much less powerful and you are limited by battery life.

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