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Detail Sanders

A detail sander has a triangular base on which a sheet of sandpaper is attached. The triangular shape of this power tool means that it can easily navigate around more awkward shapes and fit right into corners, providing a more complete coverage.

Metabo FMS 200 Palm Tri Sander 240v

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What is a Detail Sander?

A detail sander is generally used on wood and paint. This machine is very easy and comfortable to use due to its small size and low weight. It is best suited to finer, more intricate sanding jobs on smaller surfaces.

What Does Kelvin Power Tools Offer?

We supply a range of high quality Metabo detail sanders in 110V or 240V, such as the popular FMS 200.

How Do I Choose a Model Which Suits Me?

If you can't decide which Metabo detail sander is best for you, consider the following aspects to help make your decision:

  • Plate size: Is the plate small enough to fit into the required areas?
  • Power: Is the detail sander powerful enough to remove stock at the required rate?
  • Comfort and ease-of-use: What are the vibration levels and grip areas like?
  • Usability: How easy is it to change sanding paper and how effective is the dust extraction?

We're Here To Help You

At Kelvin Power Tools, our team of power tools experts can provide assistance if you have any queries regarding detail sanders or any other products. Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.