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What's in our Electric Saw and Saw Stand range?

At Kelvin Power Tools we have an excellent electric saw range, with professional tools that are able to handle anything from delicate workshop tasks to the toughest materials and site conditions.

From circular saws and jigsaws to alligator saws and reciprocating saws, all of our tools have their own distinctive set of features that make your job easier, faster or more economical. Many of our power saws are available both corded and cordless.

We also stock larger machines like mitre saws, table saws, flipover saws and tile saws.

This electric saw selection is ideal for the professional user, as we have many models designed for cutting a variety of materials including wood, plastic, brick and metal. 

Need More Advice About Power Saw?

To learn more about our huge power saw range, please feel free to contact us at our Glasgow showroom. A member of staff will be glad to make sure that you buy the best power saw for your needs.