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Electric Grinders

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Types of Grinder

Electric Grinders

An electric grinder is designed for trade use. This power tool offers a great combination of power and robustness that allows it to handle all heavy-duty metal cutting and grinding tasks.

We supply a wide selection of professional metal grinders from leading brands, such as Bosch, MetaboDeWalt, and Makita. We stock angle grinders, mini grinders, die grinders and bench grinders, each of which fulfil very different needs.

What Types of Electric Grinder are Available?

  • Angle grinders are the most common type of grinder. This tool is ideal for basic metal cutting and grinding jobs.
  • Mini grinders are essentially smaller versions of the angle grinder. They are ideal for smaller jobs or where a low weight is a priority.
  • Die/straight grinders have a spindle which comes straight out of the head, as opposed to at a right angle. They are ideal for performing very small tasks in tight areas or on curves.
  • Bench grinders consist of one or more abrasive wheels and are used for sharpening, deburring and other general grinding tasks.

Have You Seen Our Cordless Grinder Range?

We also have a great choice of cordless options for grinding metal, which may be more appropriate for what you are looking for. To take a look at our cordless range, please click here.

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