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Laminate TrimmersLaminate Trimmers

These are essentially smaller versions of a wood router. They can be used for light-duty tasks such as trimming, flushing, chamfering, routing grooves and dados, and more. We stock Makita and Festool trimmers that are ideal for professional use.

Festool Module Edge Trimmer MFK700 EQ-Set

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Makita 3703 Laminate Trimmer

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What is a Laminate Edge Trimmer?

A laminate trimmer, or laminate edge trimmer, is essentially a smaller version of the wood router, and is capable of performing light-duty versions of almost all of the same tasks. These tools can be used for trimming, flushing, chamfering, routing grooves and dados, and more.

They often have a range of available accessories such as guides, templates and dust extraction adaptors that help facilitate a wider range of applications. You will see that our range includes Festool and Makita laminate edge trimmers. You can click on any of the products to find out more about what each one has to offer.

Festool Laminate TrimmersHow do i choose which laminate trimmer i need?

If you need help deciding which laminate trimmer you need, here's some things to consider when making the choice:-

  • Flexibility: do the various adjustments have the range you need to complete your tasks?
  • Weight: will the tool be nice and easy to hold and manoeuvre?
  • Power: is the tool capable of performing the range of jobs you may need to perform?

Need more advice on laminate trimmers?

At Kelvin Power Tools, we have a very knowledgeable group of staff that are more than happy to help. So if you have a question about a laminate edge trimmer or any other power tool please feel free to contact us.