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Paslode Nail Boxes

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Paslode Nail Boxes

We stock a great range of Paslode nails, staples, pins and brads in boxes ranging from 100-3750 pieces. Our larger “fuel packs” of fasteners also include 2 or 3 fuel cells for use with Pasload nail guns. Compatible machines include the IM350, IM350+, IM90i, IM200 / 50 S16 and IM65 F16 (both straight and angled).

Paslode Nail Gun Repair Service

We are an Approved Service Centre for Paslode nail gun repairs. If you are experiencing problems with your nailer, then please feel free to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you. We'll collect your gun from any UK location and conduct the necessary repairing, servicing, cleaning and testing that your tool requires. You should receive your Paslode back in just 2-3 days, working like brand new again!

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