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Nylon PlugsNylon Plugs and Wall Anchor Fixings

These are efficient, high performance, light duty anchors with effective anti-rotation devices and an oversized body for high performance in solid materials. They are appropriate for use in solid/aerated concrete, solid stone, hollow block, hollow slab, plasterboard, solid block, and solid/hollow brick.

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  • Nylon Plugs, Wall Anchor Fixings  

Are You Looking For Nylon Plugs?

At Kelvin Power Tools we stock Spit Pro 6 anchors at great prices. These universal nylon anchors have a range of potential applications including kitchen fittings, electrical accessories, toilet fittings, wash basins and picture fittings. Available sizes include: 30mm - 50mm anchor length and 7.5mm - 11mm anchor diameter.

Do you Need some advice on nylon anchors?

If you want to know more please feel free to contact us. We have a great team who will be happy to help guide you through our range of Spit wall fixings or any of our other products.