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Spit FoamSpit Fire Foam and Expanding Foam

We have both hand-held and gun-grade foam, with a variety of different ratings. This category also contains a gun for use with gun-grade foam, and foam cleaner for all cleanup jobs. All of these products are manufactured to the high standards you would expect from ITW Spit.

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  • Spit Fire Foam and Expanding Foam  

Need Fire Foam or expanding foam?

Kelvin Power Tools have both gun grade and hand held Spit foam on sale, as well as foam cleaner. B3 expanding foam is ideal for use in mounting, sealing, filling and insulation building applications as it is mould, moisture, heat and cold proof. The adhesive foam is a replacement for traditional mortar to be used when bonding brick, block and other masonry products.

Spit expanding and adhesive foam is manufactured to industry standards and reflects the high quality that you expect from a top manufacturer. For further information on chemical products, please contact us and one of our expert staff members will be happy to help.