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Work Shop MachineryWoodworking Tools

We stock a wide range of woodworking machinery from the top trade brands, like BoschMakitaDeWalt and Festool, who are all well-known for manufacturing high quality tools for woodworking professionals.

Our selection of woodworking machinery is comprised of robust, powerful tools which are capable of completing a huge range of tasks, so you can be sure that you will find the right tool to suit your needs!

What Woodworking Machinery is Available?

  • Band saws: These are upright saws which cut using a blade shaped like a band.
  • Table saws: A blade sticks up above a table, allowing you to cut large pieces of wood.
  • Site saws: These are like table saws except they are bigger, more powerful and more robust; allowing you to cut larger pieces of wood in tougher site conditions.
  • Dust extractors: These are essentially static vacuum cleaners with a high capacity and the ability to attach directly on to power tools.
  • Planer thicknessers: These tools allow you to smooth the surfaces of large workpieces to a uniform height.

Do You Have Any Questions?

At Kelvin Power Tools, we have a team of power tool experts who are happy to help you find the perfect tool for your requirements. Please feel free to contact us here if you require further information regarding any of our products.

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