Bench Top Grinders

How do Bench Top Grinders differ?

Metabo Bench Top GrinderSome bench grinders feature a horizontal sanding belt on one side, and others feature one wet grinding wheel and one dry grinding wheel. This not only increases the machine’s flexibility, it also provides great cost and space savings.

How can you choose between the bench grinders in our range?

Here at Kelvin Power Tools you will find a great bench grinder range from Metabo. If you're not sure which bench grinder suits you best, here are a few important things you can consider when choosing from our range:-

  • Power: do you require a heavy-duty bench grinder, or will something smaller suffice?
  • Safety: do the safety features of the bench top grinder meet your personal requirements?
  • Noise: a bench top grinder is a loud machine – are there usage limits on the machine you are considering?
  • Ease of use: this includes easy disc changes, adjustable supports, and dust extraction capabilities.

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