Why YOU Should Be Using Intelligent Measuring Tools

Last month we brought you news of the brand new Bosch lasers – the GCL 25 combi laser and the GSL 2 floor surface laser – and we thought now would be the perfect time to discuss the benefits of using intelligent measuring tools (IMTs) over conventional ones, and explain why they are worth the money for tradesmen in every industry.

Bosch Combi Laser GCL 25

The GCL 25 Combi Laser in Action

Precision is always important, but when exact measurements are critical or large areas need measuring, conventional measuring equipment can be found wanting. Setting up and actually using conventional measuring tools can also be very time consuming! Large distances can be measured using a measuring wheel, a spirit level can ensure an even surface, but nothing matches intelligent measuring tools for accuracy and ease of use.

Digital Angle Finders

Also called inclinometers, these extremely useful tools can accurately display readings in a variety of units on a digital screen. The Bosch angle finder range consists of easy-to-use tools with robust aluminium casings that allow them to be used almost anywhere. They are packaged in a carry case or protective bag to make transportation easy, and have multiple power options available such as 9v batteries and AA batteries. Most angle finders last for 200h of use on a single charge, so you don’t need to worry about running out of power in the middle of an important job!

Laser Levels

There are several types of laser level, all with different advantages and disadvantages and designed for different applications.

  • Point lasers can display up to 5 points in a number of directions, depending on the individual model, and some feature a crosshair laser point that makes it easier to see from further away.
  • Cross-line laser levels have two or more lines that intersect in order to give clear guiding lines for installing wall tiles, runners, etc.
  • Self-leveling models quickly calibrate themselves for optimum working time.
  • The specialist “tile line laser” projects 2 laser lines at 90 degrees but also a third line at 45 degrees, for quick and precise tile alignment.
  • Rotation lasers project a circle around the laser, and they tend to have a much larger range which makes them ideal for outdoor use early on in the construction process.
  • The new floor surface laser uses two lines to ensure an even floor surface; if the lines merge to form one line then the surface is level, if they become separate then there is either a bump or dip.

Many laser levels come with a huge range of optional accessories to make the leveling process even easier, such as receivers for working in various lighting conditions, wall brackets and tripods for easy mounting, and remote controls for overall easier use.

Range Finders

These are laser devices that can measure the distance between themselves and another object, and most models are also able to calculate volumes and areas. They send a laser pulse over the distance that needs to be measured, and then calculate the distance using the time it takes to receive the laser signal back. Bosch range finders are ultra compact and can fit easily in the average shirt pocket but are also dust and water proof, making them appropriate for everything from the simplest of DIY jobs to the demands of a rough building site. As with laser levels, there are also many accessories such as receivers and remote controls available for these range finders.


Detectors are robust, versatile tools that are essential for safe working on walls and all cavity materials. They are often IP54 protected, as well as being encased in tough plastic and rubber to make them drop-proof. They are essentially digital scanners that use radar to test walls for materials and display their whereabouts on a screen. In general, plastic pipes, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electrical wiring, and cables of all kinds can be detected by these tools.

Intelligent measuring tools

The Bosch GLM 80, GMS 120 and GLL 2-50

It is clear that intelligent measuring tools (especially those manufactured by top brands such as Bosch) offer substantial benefits over conventional measuring implements, making them a must-have for anyone who takes frequent measurements and values accuracy, flexibility and reliability. Some of our most popular intelligent measuring tools include the GLL 2-50 cross line laser, the GLM 80 laser range finder and the GMS 120 multi-scanner/detector (all pictured above), so why not check them out and see if you can improve your workplace efficiency and accuracy!


Find out more about Bosch’s measuring tools here.

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