We have a great range of construction tools from the top trade brands. Our range includes:

  • Nail guns: Deliver an automatic feed of collated nails for quick and easy driving (ideal for repetitive tasks like in house building).
  • Petrol saws: These petrol-powered cut-off saws have a rotating circular disc/blade for cutting hard materials like concrete and masonry.
  • Tile saws: Cover the cutting area with a constant flow of water for cutting brittle tile materials, like porcelain and ceramic, without breakage.
  • Generators: Convert fuel energy into electrical energy to power electric tools and machines on site where there's limited or no mains power.
  • Generator accessories: Choose from drip trays, covers, wheels, lifters, remote controls, parallel operation cables and DC outlet cables.
  • Water pumps: Transport water at a very high rate by sucking it in to the machine via an intake hose and then forcing it out again via an outtake hose.

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