We have a great range of electric grinders from the top trade brands. Our range includes:

  • Angle grinders: Have a rotating abrasive disc at a 90° angle for grinding and cutting metal. They can also cut masonry when used with a diamond blade.
  • Mini grinders: A smaller version of an angle grinder that's ideal for smaller tasks or where a smaller size and/or lower weight is a priority.
  • Die grinders (straight grinders): Have a rotating spindle onto which you can attach different heads like burrs, abrasives and polishing accessories. They're ideal for smaller grinding, deburring, sanding and polishing tasks in confined spaces or on curves.
  • Bench grinders: Have one or more rotating abrasive wheels. They're ideal for sharpening, deburring and other general grinding tasks.

Cordless Grinders

We also have a great range of cordless grinders which might be better suited to your needs!

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