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HSS Cobalt Drill Bits

HSS-Co Drill BitsWhat are HSS drill Bits?

‘High speed steel’ bits are very hard and have a high resistance to heat which allows them to drill into various materials. They can be drilled into metal, hardwood and most other materials. They cut at a higher speed than carbon steel bits which have largely been replaced by them now.

What Are Cobalt bits?

Cobalt drill bits are variations of high speed steel drill bits that are ideal for use with drill stands and pillar drills. They are a steel alloy with more cobalt, which allows them to function at higher temperatures. They feature a D-tip (split point) that makes them perfectly optimised for hard steel, but they can also be used to drill a range of other types of metal.

The disadvantages of HSS-Co drill bits are that they are more brittle and more expensive to purchase than normal HSS drill bits, and also require the use of coolant. However, cobalt HSS drill bits are well worth the extra cost for frequent drilling and tougher applications.

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