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Table Saws

Bosch Table SawWhat is a table saw? 

Table saws have a circular blade that sticks up above the level of a table. These machines can be mounted on to a workbench/worktop or a separate saw stand.

Despite their size, these tools can be extremely portable. If you need a more heavy-duty machine, then you can purchase a saw stand to help manoeuvre and transport it around. These stands aim to make your life easier and are designed with features including wheels, one-lever-setup and extendable material supports.

What important features should you look for?

There are many key aspects which you should consider prior to purchasing a table saw:

  • Is the machine powerful enough to perform your toughest tasks as frequently as you will be conducting them?
  • Does the machine have the capacity to complete your required tasks?
  • Is the machine robust enough to endure tough site conditions?
  • Are supports and fences provided?
  • Is there user and motor protection?
  • Does the machine have the ability to make tool-free adjustments?


We also have a selection of 2-in-1 table mitre saws. These models combine a table saw with a mitre saw, and can be a great time and money saver for anyone who uses both of these tools on a regular basis.

Do you need saw blades?

We supply a vast range of TCT blades by Bosch, Trend, DeWalt, Festool and Metabo. 

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