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Bosch Angle GrindersAngle Grinders

These tools are ideal for cutting and grinding metal in a wide range of metalworking, construction and automotive tasks. With the wide range of discs available, they can also be suitable for cutting masonry. Our range includes angle grinders from Bosch, Metabo, DeWalt and Makita.

Bosch GWS20-230 Angle Grinder

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DeWalt D28490 Angle Grinder 230mm 240v

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DeWalt D28492 Angle Grinder 230mm

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Makita GA9020 Angle Grinder

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Metabo W 2000-230 9in Angle Grinder

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What is an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is designed for cutting and grinding metal, but can also be used to cut masonry if used with a diamond blade. With the wide range of discs available, angle grinders are capable of performing a good range of metalworking, construction and automotive tasks.

We supply the top power tool models from the best brands for professional trade use. We provide Bosch, Metabo, Makita and DeWalt angle grinders which come as 240V and 110V models.

Metabo Angle GrindersHow do you choose which Angle grinder you need?

It can be hard to choose which power tool you need sometimes when there is a selection with a variety of features. So to help you decide which of these angle grinders you need, here are a few considerations:-

  • Disc size: is the size of the electric grinder appropriate for the tasks you wish to perform?
  • Power: will the machine be able to cut the material with the required speed and ease?
  • Vibration levels: this determines how long you can use the tool every day. If you will be using the tool a lot, it is important to ensure that you purchase one with sufficient anti-vibration measures.
  • Safety: this includes features like cooling system, overload protection, and safety switches.

Are you looking for a Mini Grinder?

We also have a large range of Mini Grinders available from Bosch, Makita and Metabo. Click here to see our selection.

Have you considered cordless?

See our cordless grinder range by clicking here. We have a great range available which offer a cordless alternative if you need an angle grinder with easier mobility, free of cables.

We're here with expert advice if you need it

At Kelvin Power Tools, we have a great team of knowledgeable staff available to you. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance choosing an angle grinder. Our power tool experts are more than happy to help.