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Bosch SDS-Max Drill Bits

Bosch SDS-Max Drill Bits

What is different about SDS-Max drill bits compared to standard masonry bits?

Bosch SDS drill bits were developed by Bosch in the 1970s for use with hammer drills. They have a different shank design to standard straight-shank masonry bits: 18mm diameter, with three open grooves held by driving wedges, and two closed grooves held by locking wedges.

When using standard masonry bits the whole chuck has to be moved to create the hammer action, but one advantage of SDS masonry drill bits is that the bit moves backwards and forwards inside the chuck to add to the hammer action. This means that the bit can be hammered much harder, which makes drilling through tough materials much easier with much less force required.

Another advantage of SDS masonry bits is the speed at which they can be changed; you simply push the bit into the chuck and it locks automatically. Removing it is just as easy – simply pull the release ring or push a button to disengage the locking mechanism!

Are you looking to buy Bosch SDS-Max bits?

These Bosch SDS-Max drill bits are durable and have long lifetimes, and they are ideal for use reinforced concrete, limestone, and masonry.

The SDS-Max-4 range features bits that balance cost and performance, providing excellent value for money. The SDS-Max-7 range features very high-quality SDS bits that are packed with features that improve durability, cutting aggressiveness, and usability.

Bosch SDS-Max bits are compatible with all SDS-Max rotary hammers, and with Kelvin Power Tools as your Approved Bosch Distributor you can be assured of receiving a product that is up to the renowned Bosch manufacturing standards.

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