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Metabo Pick and Mix - 18v Cordless Kit

What is the Metabo Pick and Mix system?

Power tool combo kits are a great way of purchasing multiple tools at once in order to start building up a full kit containing all of the tools you need. They are also often packaged more efficiently - in a single box rather than multiple - allowing you to transport them much easier. This makes them more economical to purchase, as does the fact that you won’t end up with extra batteries that you don’t need.

However, these tool kits can be extremely limiting. If you need a drill and an impact driver, then there are many great cordless drill sets out there. But what if you want a jigsaw and a circular saw? You have to purchase the tools separately and therefore lose the advantages of a kit.

The Metabo Pick and Mix system solves this problem!

How Do I Create My Own Metabo 18v Cordless Kit?

Building your Metabo combo set is easy thanks to our handy filter system which allows you to view the key components for each stage of the process, adding them to your basket as you go!

1. Select the “Battery Starter Pack” filter to choose your power option.
We have a great range of battery and charger packs on offer. From two lightweight 1.5Ah Li-ion batteries with a standard fast charger, to three high-capacity 5.2Ah Li-ion batteries with a super-fast ULTRA charger, there is bound to be something to suit your needs. If three batteries just aren’t enough, then you can buy additional batteries here!

2. Select your choice of bare tool(s).
Metabo have a huge range of body-only power tools to choose from. From flexible customer favourites like the SB 18 LTX combi drill, through to unique specialist tools like the WF 18 LTX flat-head grinder; you are sure to find all of the tools you need to build one of the best cordless tool kits around.

3. Select the “Storage” filter to choose a box or bag for your 18v tool set.
We believe that the flexibility of the Metabo kit bags make them the best option for any tool combination, however we also have a great range of Metaloc and inlay combinations.

Which tools are included in this Metabo 18v Combo Kit?

With the Pick and Mix kit you can choose from a great variety of machines for ultimate flexibility no matter what your trade.

Cordless Drills

The Metabo carcass range contains a huge variety of drills. Not only do you have the choice between drill driver, combi drill and cordless SDS drill, but there are also multiple models of each drill type. From handy compact machines for light work to heavy-duty brushless machines for ultimate power, there is a great selection to choose from to start building a cordless drill set.

Cordless Grinders

We also have a great range of naked grinders on offer. Cordless angle grinders are available in 115mm, 125mm and 150mm diameters, and there are a few specialist models to make specific tasks much easier to conduct. We also have two cordless straight grinders available - one with high speed and low torque, and the other with low speed and high torque.

Cordless Specialist Tools

Some trades and applications require specialist tools, and you can add these to your kit as well! In addition to special versions of common tools, like high-torque impact wrenches, we also have a variety of cordless metalworking tools that are unique to Metabo. Their pipe belt sander, band file, fillet weld grinder and burnisher are all compatible with the same great 18v system.

... and much more!

On top of all of the special tools mentioned above, we also have a huge range of common power tools and kit add-ons for you to choose from. Do you need a sabre saw or impact driver? How about a cordless torch or a radio charger? Whatever it is you need, the Metabo Pick and Mix kit has an option available for you, so go ahead and starting adding products to your basket!

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