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Multi-Tool Blades

What Bosch multi-tool blades are available?

Bosch multi-cutter blades are divided into very simple categories based on the material they cut: wood, wood and metal, metal, multi-material, and abrasive materials. Most of these blades cut using teeth, but the “abrasive materials” blades use abrasive grit.

Within these ranges there are often different blades with different shapes, sizes and benefits. The main blade shapes are plunge-cutting, groove cutting, and segment. However, you can also buy scrapers, multi-blades, and other multicutter blades with very specialised shapes.

Some Bosch multitool blades have been designed to cut as quickly as possible, whilst others focus on a cleaner and more precise cut. Some blades have new features that result in lower vibration levels.

What Fein Multimaster blades are available?

Our range of Fein multi-tool blades is also extensive, with a slightly larger range of blade shapes. As well as Fein Multimaster E-Cut blades for plunging, groove cutting blades, circular blades and segment blades, you can also get convex segmented and circular Fein multi-tool blades.

Multi-Tool BladesWhat is a Multi-Tool?

Multi tools like the Fein Multimaster and Bosch Multicutter are extremely versatile and can perform a wide range of cutting and sanding tasks through the use of an incredibly varied choice of blades. Multitools are particularly suited to carrying out awkward cutting jobs that other saw types are too big or heavy for. They can be used for:-

  • Cutting edges and corners on laminate flooring
  • Plunge cutting into a piece of material
  • Trimming and adjustment work in confined spaces
  • Grout removal from ceramic tiles
  • Cleaning and scraping in awkward locations

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