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Laser Levels

What is a Laser Level?

A laser level projects laser beams and lines on to a surface for the accurate positioning and levelling of objects.

There are different types of laser level:

  • Cross-line laser level: Projects vertical, horizontal and crossed laser lines.
  • Combi laser level: Combines a cross-line laser and a 2-point laser in one tool - projects vertical, horizontal and crossed laser lines, plus two centred plumb points.
  • Multi-line laser level: Projects one horizontal and two vertical 360° laser lines.
  • Rotary laser level: Has a laser beam which spins rapidly to project a 360° horizontal or vertical plane.
  • Tile laser level: Projects two laser lines at a 90° angle and a third line at a 45° angle for aligning tiles.
  • Optical level: A precision telescope which allows you to establish level points in the same 360° horizontal plane.

Laser Level Tripods

We have a great range of tripods which stabilise the laser for increased precision.

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