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Paslode Nails

Paslode Nail Type

Each Paslode nail gun has its own specific type of nails. Our range includes:

  • Framing nails for the IM360Ci, IM350+ and IM350 framing nailers (and the discontinued IM90 and IM100). The IM360Ci and IM350 use different nails, so make sure you choose the right type. There are a few versions of the IM350 nailer, but they all use the same nails.
  • Coil nails for the IM45 multi-purpose nailer.
  • Twist nails for the PPN35Ci positive placement nailer.
  • Staples for the IM200 staple gun.

The product description tells you which tool the nails suit. Each box comes with the amount of gas cells you'll need to fire the quantity of nails/staples.

Paslode Brad Nails

We also have Paslode brads for the IM50, IM65 and IM65A finishing nail guns.

Paslode Accessories

We have a great range of Paslode accessories for your nail gun. Choose from batteries, chargers, gas fuel cells, carry cases, cleaning equipment and probes.

Paslode Aftercare Service

We're an Approved Service Centre for Paslode! If your nailer needs a service or repair, get in touch with us. We’ll have it expertly serviced, cleaned, tested and repaired as necessary, then returned to you working like new again - and sooner than you might think!

We offer a UK-wide collect and return service for all Paslode machines, so you can take advantage of our quick and easy service no matter where you are! We'll contact you with a quote before we start any work on your tool.

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