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Cordless Impact Drivers

What is an impact driver?

Bosch Impact driver in actionImpact drivers use a strong, pulsing rotary motion to provide rapid bursts of high torque. These machines are designed for tightening or loosening tough screws, and are an ideal replacement for a screwdriver when you need to work faster or fatigue is setting in.

Cordless impact drivers have a ¼” hex tool holder which is suitable for use with screwdriver bits. These power tools provide less screw stripping, easier loosening of corrosively frozen or over-torqued screws, and tighten screws with greater torque than a screwdriver can provide.

What should you consider when choosing a cordless impact driver?

  • Voltage and battery capacity: How frequently will you be using the drill and how much power will be required? A smaller battery with a lower voltage and capacity will suffice for smaller jobs, however you will need something bigger for more heavy-duty use.
  • Power levels: What tasks will you be performing and how much power will this require?
  • Size: Will you be working in awkward/tight spaces or overhead? If so, a compact and lightweight impact driver is more practical. If power and performance is more important, then you will likely have to compromise on size and purchase a bigger machine.
  • Additional features: Are there any extras that you want? For example, dual 14.4v/18v operation, or a flexible head that can be changed to a square drive.

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