We have a great range of drill bits from the top trade brands. Our range includes:

  • Multi-construction bits: Drill holes in almost any kind of material including concrete, masonry, brick, cement, light building materials, multi-layer materials, ceramics, tiles, wood, thin sheet metals, aluminium, plastics and asbestos.
  • HSS bits: Have a high resistance to heat and wear for drilling holes in alloyed and non-alloyed steel, cast steel, cast iron, sintered iron, malleable cast iron, non-ferrous metals and hard plastics.
  • HSS-Cobalt bits: Have an extremely high resistance to heat and wear for drilling holes in stainless steel, alloyed and non-alloyed steel, cast steel, acid- and heat-resistant steels, and cast iron.
  • Masonry bits: Drill holes in abrasive materials like concrete, masonry and natural stone.
  • Wood bits: Drill holes in soft and hard wood.
  • Auger bits: Have a spiral shape for drilling deep holes in wood.
  • Flat bits (spade bits): Have a flat, spade-like tip with two sharp spurs and a centring point for quickly drilling larger holes in wood, light building materials and plasterboard.
  • Forstner bits: Have a wide outside rim which guides the bit for drilling flat-bottomed holes in wood.
  • Tile bits: Drill holes in tile materials like ceramic and porcelain.
  • Diamond bits: Drill holes in ceramic like tiles and fine stoneware.
  • Countersink bits: Deburr holes or bevel the rim of a hole to allow the head of a countersunk screw to sit flush with the material surface.
  • Step bits: Have a diameter which rises in increments for drilling different sized holes with the one bit.
  • Wire cup brushes: Cup-shaped with wire bristles for deburring, finishing and removing rust, paint and scale from metal.
  • Flap wheels: Have a wheel of overlapping abrasive flaps for sanding, deburring, finishing, polishing and cleaning a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, plastics and fibreglass.

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