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Saw Stands

How do i choose which saw stand i need?

It can be hard to choose a mitre or table saw stand, especially if there is very little to separate between them. However, here are a few factors that might be able to help you choose the best table saw stand for your needs:-

  • Bosch Table Saw StandCompatibility: Many saws are only compatible with one or two specific stands. So when choosing a mitre saw stand make sure that the model you choose fits the saw you have, and that it is likely to fit any new models you may purchase in future.
  • Robustness: are you working in tough site conditions where a very durable model would be needed?
  • Size and weight: if you will be moving around a lot, consider how easy the stand combined with the saw would be to transport.
  • Set-up: Is the table saw stand going to be easy to set up? If you will need to transport it frequently, you'll probably want it to be easy to put together.
  • Features: these include extendable material rests, height-adjustable feet, accessories, wheels, etc.

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