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Cordless SDS-Plus Drills

Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill by BoschWhat is an SDS Drill?

SDS hammer drills are similar to impact drills, except they provide much more power. These machines perform a hammering action that is delivered by a pneumatic hammer which physically strikes the back of the drill bit in order to hammer it into the material (as opposed to a simple ratcheting mechanism).

Many SDS drills also feature a rotation stop which allows them to be used for chiseling, and an impact stop which turns them into a conventional drill for use in wood or metal. Cordless SDS drills provide great flexibility, as the absence of a power cord allows easier mobility and removes the need to work near a mains socket.

What Does SDS mean?

SDS stands for 'special direct system'. The name originally comes from the German “steck, dreh, sitzt” (which translates as insert, twist, fits) and stands for “spannen durch system” (clamping system).

SDS describes the drill bit clamping mechanism in these drills. The specially designed drill bit can be changed without the use of tools simply by pressing the chuck backwards and opening the clamping mechanism. The drill bit’s grooved shank allows it to move freely and it is held securely in the tool holder by 2 ball bearings, thereby enabling the hammer action. This hammering action is not only more powerful, but also results in less wear on the chuck.

How do i Choose the right cordless SDS-Plus Drill?

  • What battery voltage and capacity do you require? These figures dictate the power and run time of the tool.
  • What drilling capacity do you need? Each drill has a different maximum drilling capacity in a variety of materials, so it is crucial that the machine is capable of performing your intended tasks.
  • How many drilling modes do you want? If you want a flexible drill, then it is best to go for one with at least two drilling modes that you will use. If flexibility is not important, then a drill without impact/rotation stop will suit you just fine.
  • How durable does the drill need to be? Will you be using the machine frequently and in harsh conditions? If so, how hard-wearing will this be on the tool? All of our SDS drills are designed for professional use and are suitable for tough environments, however some models are more robust than others and can therefore cope better.
  • Do you need any extra safety features? For example, vibration control or an overload clutch.

Do you need drill bits or chisels?

We have a great range of SDS drill bits and chisels at great prices!

Are you looking for a corded SDS drill?

We also stock a huge range of electric-powered SDS-Plus drills, which can offer even more power than the cordless versions (although they are more restricted in terms of flexibility). We also have corded SDS-Max drills for more heavy-duty applications.

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