We have a great range of hammer drill bits and chisels from the top trade brands. Our range includes:

  • SDS-Plus drill bits: For SDS-Plus hammer drills.
  • SDS-Plus chisels: For SDS-Plus hammer drills with a rotation stop for chiselling.
  • SDS-Max drill bits: For SDS-Max hammer drills.
  • SDS-Max chisels: For SDS-Max hammer drills and breakers.
  • 28mm hex shank chisels: For breakers with a 28mm hex shank.

What is SDS?

SDS-Plus accessories can only be used with SDS-Plus hammer drills, and SDS-Max accessories can only be used with SDS-Max hammer drills and breakers. Both tools function the same by performing a hammering action that's delivered by a pneumatic hammer which physically strikes the back of the bit to hammer it in to the hardest materials like concrete and masonry. The only difference between the two is that SDS-Max tools are more powerful and designed for the heaviest masonry and demolition work. As a result, SDS-Max hammers are bigger and heavier (over 5kg) than SDS-Plus hammers (up to 4kg).

When using a standard masonry bit, the whole chuck has to be moved to create the hammer action. With an SDS shank, the bit moves backwards and forwards inside the chuck to add to the hammer action. This means that the bit can be hammered much harder with less effort from the user, making it easier to work with tougher materials.

SDS accessories can be changed without the use of tools. Simply push the bit in to the chuck and it locks automatically, then pull a release ring or push a button to remove it again!

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