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Cordless Grinders

Bosch Cordless Grinder sparksWhat is a grinder?

Grinders are designed for cutting and grinding metal. They are also capable of cutting masonry when used with a diamond blade.

What types of cordless grinder do you stock?

  • Angle grinders are the most common type of grinder. They use a rotating abrasive disc for basic metal cutting and grinding jobs.
  • Mini grinders are essentially smaller versions of the angle grinder and are ideal for smaller jobs or where a low weight is a priority.
  • Die grinders / straight grinders have a spindle which comes straight out of the head, as opposed to at a right angle. These machines are perfect for performing very small tasks in confined areas or on curves.
  • Flathead grinders are essentially angle grinders, except they have a much flatter head in order to easily access particularly acute angles.
  • Fillet weld grinders are special tools which are used for machining hard-to-reach fillet welds in metal construction.

What are the benefits of a Cordless Grinder?

Cordless grinders have two main benefits over mains-powered models. There is the increased flexibility and mobility when you remove the need to be connected to a source of mains power, and the trip hazard that comes with the power cable is also removed.

How do i decide which grinder i need?

  • Battery voltage and capacity: How frequently will you will be using the machine and for what tasks? You will have to make a compromise between power/run time and the weight of the power tool.
  • Compatibility: Do you need a full tool kit or just the grinder body without the battery, charger, etc? Do you have an existing cordless tool kit that you can use the grinder with?
  • Size: Is the grinder large enough to perform your intended tasks? Which disc diameter size do you need?
  • Vibration: It is dangerous to use machines which produce high vibration levels for long periods of time, so you must consider the vibration levels of the grinder and ensure that you are making a safe choice.
  • Safety: Do you require additional safety features? For example, a powerful cooling system, overload protection, or particular types of safety switches like a dead man’s switch?

Do you need Grinding Discs?

We stock a great selection of Tyrolit metal grinding discs at low prices!

have you Considered a corded grinder?

We have a huge range of mains-powered angle grinders from Bosch, Metabo, DeWalt and Makita at 110V and 240V. We also have a selection of corded mini grinders if you require a smaller size.

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