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Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Cordless Sabre SawsWhat is a sabre saw?

Reciprocating saws, or sabre saws, are ideal for making quick, rugged cuts in the early material processing stages of construction and demolition work. These heavy-duty power tools can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, brick and metal, provided that the correct blade is used.

Recip saws use a large blade similar to that of a jigsaw, which is moved in a pushing and pulling motion. Some recip saws also have an up and down motion called “pendulum action”, which creates an oval shape that is great for making quick cuts in wood.

What are the Advantages of a Cordless Reciprocating Saw?

Cordless technology has made great improvements over recent years, allowing these cordless sabre saws to get closer and closer to matching the performance of their mains-powered counterparts.

These cordless power tools provide excellent mobility and do not rely on mains power, making them ideal for use on work sites which have reduced access to electricity. There is also the additional safety feature of no trailing cables getting in the way of movement, which can pose a serious risk.

How do i choose which cordless Reciprocating saw i need?

  • Battery voltage and capacity: Do you need a machine that is heavy and powerful? Or do you need something that is small and lightweight?
  • Blade changing system: The speed and ease of blade changing is important to consider for efficient working, especially if you will be changing blades frequently.
  • Vibration levels: The higher the vibration levels, the less time you can use the tool for, so it is important to calculate whether you require special vibration dampening.

Have you considered a corded recip saw?

We also stock mains-powered sabre saws at 110v and 240v from Bosch, DeWalt and Makita. These versions might be a better solution if power output is a key priority.

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