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Cordless Planers

What is a Planer?

Planers are used for reducing the thickness of wood on a small scale or on pieces of material that are close to being complete and can't be processed by a bigger machine. These power tools can also be used to smooth out rough or uneven wooden surfaces, shaving off the high and bumpy parts of the material until they are at the same level as the lowest parts.

The depth of cut is adjusted via a simple knob which doubles up as a place for gripping when using the tool. Wood planers make their cuts using a long blade which spins around in the centre of the tool. See the image on the right for an illustration.

What are the benefits of a cordless planer?

Due to vast improvements in cordless technology, cordless planers are now starting to match the power of their mains-powered alternatives. These machines offer great mobility and allow you to work freely without having to rely on access to electricity. There are also no trailing cables getting in the way of movement, which can pose a serious safety risk.

How do i decide which cordless planer i need?

  • 18v PlanersPlaning depth: Will the planing range be suitable for the tasks that you want to perform?
  • Speed: Will yoube using the planer frequently or for a large number of tasks? The higher the speed, the quicker you can complete each job.
  • Debris management: This is important if you wish to maintain a clear view and a clean work environment.

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