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SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Drills

Bosch SDS Max Rotary Hammer Drill in actionWhy Should you Buy An SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Drill? 

SDS Max drills are 5kg upwards, dedicated to the purpose of drilling and chipping into concrete, stone and masonry and not intended for drilling into wood or other similar materials. With the use of an SDS-Max chisel attachment you can also perform fairly heavy-duty chiseling tasks with ease.

They are very powerful tools that complete heavy-duty tasks quickly and efficiency, while minimizing the user input.

Is an SDS Drill Better Than a Normal Hammer Drill?

An SDS drill produces more energy from its hammering action which means it delivers much more powerful blows than a normal hammer drill. So they can be better when you have a tougher task but they tend to be heavier machines than regular hammer drills.

What is An SDS Drill?

SDS Max ShankSDS stands for "Special Direct System" and describes the bit clamping system in these machines, and SDS-Max hammer drills are the most heavy-duty variety of this system.

The 18mm drill bit shanks have 3 open grooves and locking segments rather than locking balls. This allows the drill bit to simply slip in and lock, no tightening needed, and it can be released just as easily.

It also allows the bit to move backwards and forwards freely, meaning that the chuck does not need to be moved as much and the drill can provide more power with less effort from the user.

How can you Choose Which SDS-Max Hammer Drill you Need?

It can be hard to decide which SDS Max hammer drill you need if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for. Here are a few things you might want to consider when you are choosing an SDS Drill:-

  • Power and range of applications: is the machine capable of performing the full range of tasks for which you may need it in future?
  • Safety: are the safety features sufficient for your employer and/or your own peace of mind?
  • Durability: what kind of conditions will the tool have to withstand? Will you need your SDS hammer drill to withstand very heavy usage in tough environments?

SDS Accessories

We stock a wide range of SDS-Max accessories, including drill bits and chisels.

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