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Cordless Circular Saws & Plunge Saws

Festool Cordless Plunge sawWhat is the difference between a circular saw and a plunge saw?

Circular saws and plunge saws use a large circular saw blade to make bigger, rougher cuts in wood. With an appropriate blade, they can also be used to cut masonry, plastic and metal. Most models can be mounted on a saw stand or table to enable a wider range of uses.

What makes a plunge saw different to a circular saw is its spring-loaded riving knife, also known as a spacer wedge. Riving knives sit behind the blade, stopping the material that is being cut from pinching the blade and causing kickback when doing rip cuts.

The riving knife has to be removed from a standard circular saw to allow it to make plunge cuts, as it prevents the blade from plunging straight down into the material.

However, a plunge saw is spring-loaded, which means that the material pushes it upwards and out of the way when the initial cut is made. It then slips back down and into the cut as the saw moves forward. This safety feature saves a great amount of time if you are performing plunge cuts or rip cuts on a regular basis.

What are the Benefits of a cordless circular saw or plunge saw?

Cordless circular saws and plunge saws are ideal when you need to be able to move around freely or when there is limited access to mains power. They also have the added safety advantage of no trailing cables.

Cordless technology has made many advances over recent years, allowing cordless power tools to get closer and closer to providing the same amount of power as their mains-powered counterparts.

How do i decide which cordless circular saw i need?

  • Battery voltage and capacity: How powerful does the saw need to be? Do you value a low weight or a long runtime? Do you need a battery and charger, or do you have an existing cordless power tool set with compatible batteries?
  • Cutting depth: Does the blade diameter and saw construction allow you to cut as deeply as you need to?
  • Guide rail system: Many of our circular saws and plunge saws are compatible with a guide rail system, which is important to consider in case you wish to invest in one in the future.
  • Safety: What features are in place to protect the user, machine and material?

Do You Need saw Blades?

We have an excellent range of TCT blades at great prices!

Are you Looking for a corded Circular Saw?

We also have a great selection of mains-powered circular saws and plunge saws at 110v and 240v.

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