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Angle Drills

What is an angle drill?

Right angle drills have the same functionality as a normal rotary drill, however the chuck is placed at a 90° angle to the body. This enables you to use the machine in confined and/or awkward spaces with greater ease.

How do i choose the right model?

  • Size: What size of machine do you need? Does it need to fit into tight and/or awkward areas? If so, you might want to prioritise a smaller-sized drill over one which offers the best power.
  • Speed: Do you need various speed settings or will single speed get the job done?
  • Power: Are you performing tasks which require a certain amount of torque?
  • Drilling diameter: Is the tool capable of drilling the required hole size?

Cordless Angle Drills

We also supply a great range of cordless angle drills which might be better suited to your needs.

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