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Planer Thicknessers

What is a Planer Thicknesser?

Metabo Thicknessers

A bench thicknesser is a benchtop tool that trims bigger pieces of wood to an identical thickness. The cutting height is set using a scale on the side of the machine, then the workpiece is fed into a hole where blades trim off the excess material.

This process is repeated as many times as necessary until the final pass leaves the wood with the set depth along its length. The precise setting of height enables the machine to produce accurate and consistent results, making it ideal for use in applications like trimming floorboards.

planer thicknesser combines a bench thicknesser with a planer, which smoothes rough and bumpy surfaces. As the material is passed over the top of the cutting blade, the resulting thickness is less accurate, however it provides greater flexibility for larger workpieces which require less precision.

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