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Cordless Tool Kits & Sets

Cordless Power Tool KitsWhat are the Benefits of purchasing a cordless Tool kit?

Power tool sets provide you with as many batteries and chargers as you actually need. If you were to purchase each tool individually, you would end up with one charger and two batteries per tool.

Tool kits also provide you with a number of tools that are all part of the same range. This allows you to rotate the batteries between the tools as required, and makes it much easier to buy replacement batteries and chargers.

Buying in bulk this way significantly reduces costs. Not only do you decrease the number of batteries and chargers as mentioned, but you also reduce the number of tool boxes as well.

What are the benefits of battery-powered tools?

Cordless technology has come a long way in recent years, allowing battery-powered tools to rival their mains-powered counterparts. Both types of tool can provide a high performance and a similar power output, however cordless tools have the added benefit of increased portability as they do not rely on access to mains power.

How do i Choose the right Cordless tool Kit?

  • Voltage: This determines the power of the machine, so you should consider whether your kit will be performing mostly light-duty or heavy-duty tasks.
  • Included tools: You probably already know which tools you want in your kit, but don’t forget to consider the individual machine versions. Many manufacturers have multiple drill driver and combi drill models, so it is important to ensure that you choose the correct one.
  • Batteries: How mobile you need to be and how long you will be using your tool kit for each day will impact what battery capacity you choose. Also consider whether the number of batteries included is appropriate for your needs.
  • Storage: Is the provided case flexible, convenient and durable enough for your needs?
  • Full range: Consider all of the other tools available in the range, so that you can add any other tools should you wish to expand your cordless kit in the future.

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