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Router Bits and Cutter Sets

What different types of plunge router bits are available?

The huge range of Trend router cutters available enables you to perform every task imaginable. Depending on the router that you have, you will need to narrow the choice down to either 8mm, 1/4" or 1/2” router bits.

Trend Router CuttersAfter that, you need to consider the shape of the cutter. Straight cutters are the most common type, and are ideal for general trimming tasks. Other varieties include:

  • Trimmers, profilers, dado and rebaters
  • Dovetails
  • Chamfers and V-groove
  • Ogee and ogee panel
  • Router cutter bits for jointing
  • Ovolo beads and handrails
  • Round-nose/radius and cavetto
  • Beads and corner moulds
  • Panel raisers and door sets
  • Recessing for strips (smokeseal, intumescent, etc.)

Should you require multiple bit types or sizes for a task, then one of our many Trend router bit sets will suit your needs perfectly.

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