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Trend Router Bits

Bit Shank

Before you buy a router cutter, make sure its shank will fit in your router's collet. Choose from a 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch shank.

Bit Type & Application

There are different types of router cutter for different applications:

  • Straight cutters: For trimming and cutting straight edges; cutting straight rebates, slots and grooves; regular or irregular curved work; and producing a range of joints.
  • Rebate cutters: For straight and curved work.
  • Ogee moulding cutters: For finishing edges, e.g. on tables and cabinet tops.
  • Rounding over cutters: For softening the appearance of square-edged worktops, window boards and furniture.
  • Cove cutters: For routing a decorative edge finish; fluting; and producing pipe and cable ducts.
  • Dovetail cutters: For cutting housings for shelf ends.
  • Chamfer cutters: For worktops, furniture legs and rails; removing the arris on posts and rail structures like fences, gates and garden furniture; and producing a V-groove to disguise the glue joint when joining boards edge to edge.
  • V-groove cutters: For decorative grooves; fluting; imitation matchlining on panel materials; free-hand or template letter carving; and light edge chamfering on timber and laminates.
  • Trimming and template profiling cutters: For trimming veneers and laminates flush with the edge of the base material to leave a perfect chip-free square edge; and trimming thin workpieces flush to the edge contour of pre-cut templates.

Trend Router Bits

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