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Impact Drills

What is an impact drill?

Impact drills (or percussion drills) combine the rotary action of a normal drill with a striking, hammering action. This is provided via an in-built ratcheting mechanism (see the illustration on the right for an example) which delivers short, rapid thrusts against the drill bit, and can generally be switched on and off as required.

These machines provide quicker drilling with less effort and can be used on harder materials, like masonry and concrete, with greater ease. Models often feature speed selection; forward and reverse operation; a depth stop for accurate drilling and driving; and an auxiliary handle for extra control and safer use.

How do i choose the right machine?

  • Capacity: each model has a different maximum capacity for drilling in various materials - is the machine able to perform your toughest tasks as frequently as you will be conducting them?
  • Power: what motor wattage, impact force, impact rate and speed do you need?
  • Safety: do you need additional protection features like vibration control or an overload clutch?
  • Chuck: the type of chuck dictates the speed and ease of bit changing.

Percussion Drills

Looking for a more heavy-duty drill?

If you need something that is a bit more powerful, then you might want to consider an SDS drill. These models have a stronger hammering action that may be better suited to your needs. Click here to see our range of SDS hammer drills!

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