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Bosch SDS-Max Chisels

Looking for Bosch SDS-Max Chisel Bits?

We have a great variety of these accessories available online and in store!

These chisels are suitable for use with all SDS-Max hammers. There is a wide variety of different SDS-Max chisels available, many of which are self-sharpening and therefore very economically efficient. Each SDS-Max chisel bit has been designed with a particular use in mind.

SDS-Max ChiselsWhat type of SDS-Max chisels do we have?

  • Flat, for detail removal in concrete and breaking away small areas of material
  • Comb/toothed, which is a flat chisel with teeth at the end. Essential for repointing bricks
  • Spade, for removing dirt and concrete from surfaces and restoring steel
  • Tile, for removing wall and floor tiles
  • Pointed, for demolishing masonry and concrete
  • Asphalt Cutter, which is like a wider flat chisel. Essential for restoring and finishing asphalt
  • Gouging/chasing/grooving, which has a hollow half-mood-shaped end. Ideal for cutting holes in masonry e.g. for electrical wiring
  • Digging Spade, which has a rounded end. Ideal for digging into hard soil and ground materials

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