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Flip Over Saws, Table Mitre Saws

What is a Flip Over saw? 

Bosch Table Mitre Saw in actionA flip over saw combines the cross-cutting capability of a mitre saw and the rip-cutting capability of a table saw into one compact power tool. This flexibility means that less space is taken up in the workshops and you only need to transport one machine between sites instead of two.

Switching between the two modes is easy. All you have to do is raise or lower the cutting head and flip the saw over!

What Is A Table Mitre Saw? 

A table mitre saw is a little different from a flip over saw. Instead of flipping over, you simply fold the blade head right down and remove the cover from the top section of the blade.

How do i choose which combination saw i need?

We have a good range of options available so to help you choose which flip over saw or table mitre saw suits you best, here are some things you can consider to help you decide:-

  • Brand: Makita, DeWalt and Bosch all have their own range of compatible stands, make sure you take this into consideration when choosing a model.
  • Capacity: consider the cutting depth, bevel range and mitre range you might need.
  • Maximum material dimensions: is the saw able to process the required material size?
  • Power: how frequently will you be using the power saw, and for what purpose?
  • Portability: will you be moving the saw around a lot? Will the saw need to be as light as possible?

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