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Auger BitsAuger Bits

These bits are designed to drill very straight holes, quickly and cleanly. Dart, DeWalt and Bosch auger bits are available in diameters between 6mm and 32mm, and in a variety of lengths.


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Wood Auger BitsWhat is an auger Drill bit?

These auger bits have a heavy-duty self-feeding tip that pulls the bit through the wood. They have a flute designed to allow drilling of very straight holes and deliver fast chip removal. They also have a newly designed scoring spur which makes clean holes quickly.

Auger drill bits are suitable for all hard woods, soft woods and even wet woods. They are compatible with all drills with a 13mm chuck. They can be used in a number of ways. They are ideal for through-holes, pre-drilling for rafter nails and for deep dowel holes.

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