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Bolsters & Cold Chisels

We stock a range of brick bolsters and cold chisels from top trade brand Faithfull. These hand-tools have been manufactured to British standards and are made from high-quality grade steel that is hardened and ground to maximise safety and ensure longer-lasting cutting edges.

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  • Bolsters & Cold Chisels  

What is the difference between a bolster and a chisel?

Brick bolsters are heavy-duty chisels which have a flat, wide edge that is specifically designed for cutting brick, stone, concrete and other similar materials. The edge of the tool is placed on the workpiece and the back of the handle is then hit with a hammer in order to split through the desired area. Please note: these hand-tools are not advised for use on metal, including steel reinforcement bars that are found in concrete.

Cold chisels are similar to bolsters, except they have a much smaller edge, which means that they are better suited to removing small amounts of waste material as opposed to cutting through larger amounts. These hand-tools are used with a hammer in the same way as bolsters and can be used on brick, stone, concrete, 'cold' metals and other similar materials.

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