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Grinding and Cutting Discs

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  • Tyrolit Bonded Abrasives 

Grinding and Cutting Discs

Our range of grinding and cutting discs consist of abrasive materials which are contained within some form of clay, resin, glass or rubber binder. These discs can be used for grinding metal, or cutting metal or stone, depending on the type of bonded abrasive you select.

All of our grinding and cutting discs are made by Tyrolit - a trusted, professional brand who specialise in manufacturing abrasive products. Therefore, you can be certain that our bonded abrasives will provide you with excellent results, whilst remaining tough and long-lasting.

Need a Question Answered?

If you have any queries regarding our grinding or cutting discs, then please feel free to contact us. Here at Kelvin Power Tools, our staff are experts when it comes to power tools and they are more than happy to help you find the perfect tool to suit your needs.

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