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Bosch 9 Piece Sheet Steel Holesaw Set

Bosch 9 Piece Sheet Metal/Steel Hole Saw Set (2-608-584-813)

Product Code: 2-608-584-813
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Bosch 9 Piece Sheet Steel Holesaw Set

This Bosch Sheet Metal Hole Saw Set (2608584813) contains 6 hole saws, 1 Power Change adapter, and 2 HSS-G pilot drill bits.

These holesaws are designed for drilling in Inox and thin sheet metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass. (Please note that some of these materials should be cut at a low speed, and cutting oil should always be used). Features include:

  • Hole saw length: 20mm
  • Spring system which automatically ejects the cut disc, for improved ease-of-use
  • Safety stopper prevents breakthrough, to protect the work surface
  • Vario tooth stripe ensures quick and precise cuts
  • 8% cobalt alloy, which ensures extreme resilience and a long lifetime
  • Fast holesaw changeover thanks to the “Power Change” adaptor system

Holesaw Diameters

  • 19mm
  • 22mm
  • 29mm
  • 38mm
  • 44mm
  • 57mm