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Bosch Measuring Tools & Lasers

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Looking for Bosch Electronic Measuring Devices?

We have a great range of intelligent measuring tools (IMTs) from Bosch at prices to suit every budget, both online and in store.

Designed to be robust enough to withstand site conditions but also provide flexibility and accuracy, these efficient devices are manufactured to the highest quality. With the wide range of functions available, these digital measuring devices and detectors will help you to work quickly and more efficiently. They are so simple to operate, often featuring a single button and a screen, so make effective use of them should be a breeze!

What digital measuring tools are available?

Our range consists mostly of Bosch measuring tools like angle finders, rangefinders, laser levels, wall scanners and inspection cameras.

Need more info about our measuring devices?

If you want to learn a bit more about these IMTs then simply contact us, and one of our fully-trained staff members will be happy to help.