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Bosch Multicutter Tiling Set (4pcs)

Bosch Multicutter Tiling Set (4 Pieces) 2-608-661-695

Product Code: 2-608-661-695
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Bosch Multicutter Tiling Set (4pcs)

This Bosch multicutter tiling set (part no. 2-608-661-695) is a versatile 4-piece set for renovation and reconstruction work such as routing joints on wall and floor tiles, removing mortar or tile adhesive, routing smaller cutouts in soft wall tiles. This multi-tool blade set contains:

The ACZ85RT HM-Riff segment blade (2-608-661-642) is perfect for routing joints on wall and floor tiles, making smaller cutouts in soft wall tiles, and routing grooves in porous concrete for laying concealed cables and pipes.

  • HM-RIFF segment blade
  • 85mm Diameter
  • Depressed centre

The AIZ20AB plunge blade (2-608-661-640) is best suited to flush cutting nails, flush cutting copper pipes, and plunge cutting plasterboard.

  • Material: bi-metal
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm

The AVZ78RT abrasive delta blade (2-608-661-648) is ideal for removing mortar or tile adhesive, removing carpet adhesive residues from a mineral surface, and for rasping wood for coarse adjustment work.

  • Material: carbide grit
  • 78mm Wide

The ATZ52SC rigid scraper (2-608-661-646) is ideal for tasks like removing mortar or tile adhesive (e.g. when replacing damaged tiles), removing mortar and concrete residues, and removing hard, brittle carpet adhesive residues.

  • Material: HCS
  • Cutting width mm 52.0
  • Cut length mm 26.0


  • ACZ85RT HM-Riff segment blade
  • AIZ20AB plunge blade
  • AVZ78RT abrasive delta blade
  • ATZ52SC rigid scraper