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Bosch Power Tools

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Bosch Power Tools

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Why should you buy from Kelvin Power Tools?

We are a Bosch Power Tools System Specialist, meaning that we are a recognised and trusted brand who can provide all of the expert advice and support that you would expect from such a high-quality professional company. We are also have an Approved Service Centre, at our Glasgow Store. Approved means our workshop and repair staff meet this brand's qualifying standards.

In our range you will find hammer drills and breakers, many with SDS-Plus or SDS-Max shanks that provide improved efficiency and ease-of-use. These SDS drills are ideal for work in concrete and masonry, and the range contains a variety of models for both light- and heavy-duty tasks.

We also have a huge range of great tools for building up a woodworking kit, as well as a varied selection of tools that will be great for adding to your collection of metalworking tools. All of these have been designed for heavy-duty professional use.

One of our most popular tools is the multi-tool, which you can use to perform a great range of tasks in many different materials. There are several different versions to choose from, each with different power levels and accessory kits.

Bosch cordless impact driver in actionAre you looking for cordless tools, from 10.8v to 36v?

Although cordless tools often great flexibility and freedom, as well as lightweight designs, users are often concerned about their durability and runtime. Coolpack Lithium-ion batteries power the current range of Bosch cordless power tools. These batteries improve battery performance and life span by reducing heat, making them ideal for tradesmen. The Li-ion technology also offers you a better power-to-weight ratio than other battery chemistries.

All cordless power tools in this range can easily form the core of a kit, which you can build up by adding naked tools. This provides tradesmen with a complete cordless solution for everyday use.

What Other Professional tools are in the range? 

Smart Measuring Tools are packed with features including mobile phone apps which integrate with laser measuring tools to facilitate the making of dimensional drawings. This quality brand manufactures a full range of laser levels, angle finders and measuring devices that are ideal for small jobs at close range as well as big, long-range jobs. All of these lasers will make a real difference for professional users on site.

Bosch power tool accessories are professional-grade, and available at a range of price points. Many of the ranges of blades, cutters and bits have been designed to give you the best results possible in specific uses or materials. For the absolute best results, you should always use official tool accessories when working with tools from this brand.

The Origins of the Bosch Power Tools UK Division

The business grew from a business started in November 1886, when Robert Bosch opened his first workshop for precision and electric engineering in Stuttgart, Germany.

He may have begun by working on motor vehicles, but in 1932 the company unveiled their first hammer drill at the Leipzig trade fair. It was the first series-produced power tool that could both strike and rotate at the same time, and this was the true beginning of the highly successful Power Tools division.

Since then we have seen the development of a wide variety of different tools. One of their most recent developments is the range of brushless tools, which are highly efficient and provide longer runtimes and much greater overall lifetimes, with less maintenance. There is also a vast range of accessories available for any task imaginable.