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Bosch S922HF + S3456XF Sabre Saw Blades (2pk)

Bosch Flexible + Progressor Sabre Saw Blades for Wood + Metal 2-Pack (2-608-656-433)

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Bosch S922HF + S3456XF Sabre Saw Blades (2pk)

This Bosch sabre saw blade twin pack (part number 2608656433) contains the S922HF "Flexible for Wood and Metal" blade and the S3456XF "Progressor for Wood and Metal" blade. Both are long-life, bi-metal blades that have been designed to reduce the amount of dust produced.

S922HF - for pallet repair, cutting wood with embedded nails, cutting sheet metals and cutting aluminium profiles

S3456XF - for cutting wood up to 150mm thick with embedded nails

What is a Progressor blade?

A progressor blade improves the speed and quality of the cut by putting the teeth closer together at the top of the blade. This leaves a finer finish on the material.

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Technical Spec.


  • Wood with nails/metal up to 100mm
  • Pallets up to 100mm
  • Sheet metals, pipes, profiles 3-12mm
  • Tooth design: side set, milled
  • Tooth spacing / TPI - 2.5mm / 10
  • Total length 150.0mm
  • Thickness 0.9mm


  • Wood with nails-metal, chipboard up to 150mm
  • Metal plates, aluminium profiles (3-18 mm)
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastics-epoxy up to 150mm
  • Plastics: pipes, profiles up to 150mm
  • Tooth design: side set, milled
  • Tooth spacing / TPI - 2.1-4.3mm / 6-12
  • Total length 200mm
  • Thickness 1.25mm