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Chop SawsMetal Chop Saws

Cut off saws generally make their cuts using an abrasive disc similar to a thin grinding wheel, but they can also use metal-cutting saw blades. The blade or disc is normally mounted on a pivoting arm that is attached to a fixed base, and is pulled down to cut in a similar way to a mitre saw.

Makita 2414EN Cut-Off Saw

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Bosch GCD 12 JL Cold Saw

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Bosch GCO 2000 Metal Cut-Off Saw

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Makita LC1230 TCT Metal Cut-Off Saw 305mm

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Metabo CS 23-355 Abrasive Chop Saw

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What is a Chop Saw?

A metal chop saw, or cut off saw, is very useful on a job site. Lightweight steel fabrication that previously needed to be performed in a workshop with stationary tools can now be done on site with these chop saws. They are lightweight enough to be portable but still robust enough to withstand the rigours of site conditions.

Metal Cut-Off SawWhat's in our range of chop saws?

At Kelvin Power Tools we provide a chop saw range full of high quality machines from top brands. We have cut off saws by Alfra, Bosch, Makita and Metabo. There are 110V and 240V models available and there is a variety of cutting disc sizes.

How do i choose which chop saw i need?

It can be difficult to decide which chop saw you want. To help, here are a few things to consider when choosing from our range of chop saws:-

  • Brand: we have a variety of brands to choose from, Bosch Metabo, Makita and Alfra
  • Bevel/mitre options: are these required, or will a cheaper, static saw suit fine?
  • Portability: will you need to move the machine around? Check the weight and size of the saw to make sure it suits you.
  • Maximum cutting dimensions: what is the size of the largest piece of metal you will need to cut?

Have a question about a metal chop saw?

At Kelvin Power Tools, we have a great team of power tool experts available to help you. If you have any questions on a chop saw in our range please feel free to contact our Glasgow showroom and we will be happy to help.