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Diamond Core Drills

We supply a selection of diamond core drills from Makita and Metabo. These heavy-duty machines are designed for specialist applications on harder surfaces like masonry, concrete, brick and stone.

Metabo BDE 1100 Dia. Core Drill + Cores

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DeWalt D25180K Diamond Core Drill

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Makita 8406 Diamond Core Drill

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Metabo BDE 1100 Diamond Core Drill

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What is a Diamond Core Drill?

Diamond core drills are heavy-duty machines that are designed for specialist applications. They generally feature a percussion hammering action for drilling pilot holes, which can then be turned off when using cores to remove material.

These power tools have a high torque motor which makes them suitable for drilling holes with very large diameters - up to 152mm - in harder materials like concrete, masonry, stone and brick.

There is a much higher risk of injury when using these powerful machines, so improved protection features, like a safety clutch, have been integrated into the tools.

How do i decide which machine i need?

  • Drilling capacity: Is the tool capable of drilling the diameter size you require?
  • Comfort and ease-of-use: What are the vibration levels? Is the machine lightweight enough? Does it have good grip and handles?
  • Power: How quickly will the tool complete the job? If you will be using the drill frequently, you will probably want a model that has plenty of power.

Need some advice?

Here at Kelvin Power Tools, our staff are experts when it comes to anything tool-related. If you have any queries or need some help choosing the right tool, then please don't hesitate to contact us.