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This is a truly innovative tool from Festool, that is ideal for creating the perfect edge. It applies glue to the edge of the material, and then a roller pushes wooden, plastic or laminated edging firmly and accurately against the glue.

Festool Conturo KA65 Edge Bander Set 240v

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Festool Edge BandersWhat is an edge bander and how does it work?

Edge banders are ideal for affixing wooden, plastic, or laminated plastic edging to simple panel materials. They are also capable of edging more complex free-forms, circles, and inclined edges between 0 and 47°.

The process is simple. First, the tool applies the glue to the edge. Then, using the top of the workpiece as a guide, a roller pushes you chosen edging against the edge of the workpiece to affix it.

Do you want to buy an edge bander?

At Kelvin Power Tools, we provide an edge bander range from Festool. We supply their Festool Conturo KA65 at 240V. We also supply it as a set which includes accessories with it. You can click on the products to find out more about them.

Need advice on edge banders?

Do you want to learn more about an edge bander? At Kelvin Power Tools we have a great team of power tool experts who are more than happy to help. So please feel free to contact us.